Maryland Residential Powerwashing Services

A Plus Powerwashing is a residential pressure wasing company that offers several pressure washing services for residential customers to keep their home and property looking clean and attractive. From Salisbury MD to Ocean City MD, our power washing expertise will get your home looking like new in no time! Contact us to learn more and to schedule a service appointment today.

Siding Cleaning

A Plus Powerwashing is a vinyl siding cleaner that will power wash your siding to remove dirt, dust, residue, mold, and mildew. Starting at the top and working our way down, our hot water pressure washers emit water with or without mild cleaning agents that clean away anything on the surface of your siding. This service restores the original color of your home's siding and extends the life of your siding by removing any substances that would erode the surface. We can do one exterior wall or the whole house and complete the work within a couple hours. We also have four pressure washers on our trailer, so we can assure no return trips due to equipment breakdowns. If you are in need of an outside house cleaning, call our siding cleaners at A Plus Powerwashing today.

Deck, Dock and Wood Restoration

If you are in need of a deck cleaning because it is covered in moss, mildew, and dirt, call A Plus Powerwashing today. As an expert deck cleaner, we can use our power washers to strip built up layers away to reveal the true color of the wood and restore it to look great again. We specialize in deck and dock cleaning and we are dedicated to making surfaces safer and more aesthetically pleasing.

We can also clean and restore other wood structures on your property including gazebos, trim, garden paths, fences and more. If you are in need for wood restoration because your wood is beginning to rot, the sealant is wearing off, or the stain has faded, let up help. We can have boards repaired or replaced, can treat the wood, and add new sealant or stain to extend its life and revive it to look like new again.

Concrete Cleaning

Are you in need of a professional concrete cleaner? Concrete areas of your property, such as sidewalks, paths, and driveways, can get covered in mud, leaves, plant debris, mildew, and salt residue from winter's icy conditions. Our team of concrete cleaning experts will remove any substance from your concrete to restore its original color and appearance. Our power washing concrete cleaning service also removes bacteria that can cause allergies, while making your property look more attractive.

Roof Cleaning

Roofs can also get dirty as they get the brunt of rainfall, snow, and gusts of wind. Leaves, twigs, mud, algae, mold, and mildew can accumulate on rooftops. A Plus Powerwashing specializes in roof cleaning, and we can remove all of these forms of debris from your roof, helping it to better absorb heat and maintain the condition of your roofing shingles. This process is fairly quick and our pressure washing experts can thoroughly clean any type of roof from flat to A-frame.

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